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Our Clients

Unlock the Value of YOUR H&W Benefits

A 100% native platform solution informed by more than 2.4 BILLION health care services, and backed by a team that never compromises on partnership - we'll help make your employee and member strategies wildly successful, TOGETHER.

Implementation is Fast and Easy

Through configuration, NOT customization, stand up core capabilities in a matter of weeks, white-labeled to reflect your brand and benefits messaging.

Recognize ROI, Right Away

Leverage our existing data-driven algorithms to steer employees and members to high-value, low-cost services, aligned with your health & wellness portfolio offerings.

An Industry-Leading Platform

Our platform was built on the leading public cloud to be HIPAA compliant to ensure the security and privacy of your employees and members, but we're also agile, efficient and scalable.

A Team and Data You can Trust

Choosing the right healthcare provider or treatment is a big deal. That's why we have amassed quality and experience data from over 150 data sources to inform our algorithms.

Unlock the value of your health and wellness benefits
Engaged employees

HR and Employers

Organizations know their most important asset is their people. You've invested in carefully curated benefits; however, educating your employees about the availability of these benefits is no easy task - open enrollment messaging is long forgotten and HR's emails and intranet updates get lost in the sea of competing employee communications.  Lack of utilization in-turn directly impacts your bottom line.

Through our platform and services, we become an operating arm extension for your HR and Benefits teams. Leverage our data-driven algorithms and best in class communication strategies to educate and guide your employees to the right programs and care options when messaging is most impactful - at their time of need.

Health Plans and TPAs

Increase the value you provide to your clients by partnering with SimbiQ. 


As a partner, your clients and members receive a centralized, integrated benefit program experience at discounted pricing. Combined with our easily configurable rules engine, we give you and your clients the ability to steer employees and members to high-value, low-cost care services - personalized and local to them.

Community health & wellness
Employer Benefit Consultant

Benefit Consultants

Drive client loyalty and differentiate your presence in the market by offering your clients access to SimbiQ's disruptive digital health concierge platform.


With our light-touch implementations and focus on outcomes, we'll bolt onto your clients' benefit strategy to ensure they recognize the ROI they expect, with easily accessible dashboard and analytics to support.