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Get to Know Us


sym・bic  |  sim・bik

: a disruptive health platform designed to promote the symbiotic relationship that exists between patients, providers and payors

Photo taken by founder, Cassandra Frederickson, in Kenya, 2010

The Inspiration...
the Zebra and the Oxpecker Bird

Zebras and oxpecker brids have a mutualistic symbiotic relationship from which both species benefit.


The oxpecker grazes on the zebra's back, removing ticks and other parasites from the zebra's skin.  The oxpecker is provided with a steady source of food, while the zebra is provided with a form of pest control.  Neither could survive without the other.

Our Roots

As a patient advocate much of her life, SimbiQ founder, Cassandra Frederickson, knew that while her family's care needs were specific to them, their challenges accessing and sharing the right information when critical decisions were being made were not unique.


After 15 years supporting payors and providers in the health tech space, Cassandra recognized that there were synergies in the needs for all those involved in a patient's care journey - access to the "right" data, at the "right" time.


In the fall of 2019, Cassandra founded SimbiQ with the mission of empowering patients and caregivers with the information and tools needed to make informed healthcare decisions, addressing healthcare inequity, and simplifying the way in which healthcare data is shared amongst all those involved in patient care to reduce wasteful spend and downtime.


Our Core Values Guide Us In All We Do

Whether joining our team as a colleague, customer or partner, we are committed to success TOGETHER.

Act with integrity

We honor our word and choose candor, respect and kindness. We take pride in our work with humility.

Be creative and hustle

We embrace being (un)comfortable with ambiguity. We focus on solutions, not on barriers, and always act with urgency.

Be transparent and accountable

We do what we say we're going to do. When things don't go as planned, we get creative and communicate quickly and proactively.

Believe it's possible

We have grit. We never settle. We align around decisions, challenge the status quo and GET IT DONE.

Collaborate enthusiastically

We deliver better outcomes through active participation. We value thoughtful, encouraging and respectful debate.

Have fun

We don't take ourselves too seriously and never turn down a reason to celebrate. We are passionate about this journey together.

Meet Our Leadership Team

We are a diverse team of healthcare experts and technologists, driven by a shared mission -

empowering patients and caregivers to make informed care decisions, and breaking down historical access barriers to improve health care equity.


Cassandra Headshot_FINAL

Cassandra Frederickson

Founder and CEO

“The social responsibility at the core of what we are doing here at SimbiQ is so important to me. To be in a position to help patients and their families feel empowered to make confident, informed care decisions, often during some of the most stressful times of their lives, is what drives me every day.”

Jim Headshot_FINAL

James Quinn

Vice President, Engineering

“I’m excited to be disrupting the healthcare industry by giving users control over their personal data and the information needed to support the choices they make in their care journeys. Our team at SimbiQ is uniquely positioned to leverage the latest technology advances to deliver best-in-class applications that are intuitive and reach our customers timely and securely.”