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Finding the right care has never been easier.

You offer your employees and members more diverse health and wellness benefits now more than ever.  But, where are the results?


Unlock the value of your health & wellness benefits with SimbiQ.

Employees using health and wellness benefits to find healthcare programs and providers

Greater Choice ≠ Better Outcomes

With the shifted focus to non-traditional healthcare benefits and alternative treatment sites like retail clinics and telehealth, how do you help your employees and members navigate the growing number of choices and drive utilization of these lower cost, high-value services?

Employees matched with optimal healthcare programs and options with personalized and localized care steerage


85% of employers with 50+ staff providing access to telemedicine1, yet 71% of people are unsure if they have access to telehealth services2


56% of people feel "completely lost" trying to understand health insurance3


79% of Americans report being concerned about the way their data is being used by companies4

Drive Better Clinical and Financial Outcomes with SimbiQ

Recognize cost savings and improve employee satisfaction & wellness by connecting your employees and members with the right resources, at the right time, WITHOUT compromising their privacy.

Employee Awareness & Perception

Centralized benefits with targeted outreach and communications at the individual's "time of need"

Personalized & Localized Steerage

Program and care option recommendations inclusive of community resources and socio-economic factors

Shop & Compare with Confidence

Quality, cost and experience metrics for healthcare providers and facilities, reflective of more than 150 trusted data sources

Utilization Analytics

HIPAA compliant self-service report and dashboard views to understand utilization and inform upcoming network and benefit design

Improving clinical and financial outcomes