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Boston Health Tech Startup SimbiQ Launches Flagship Care.Connected.™ Platform

Revolutionary data platform improves health care equity by breaking down traditional access barriers and empowering patients and caregivers to make informed health care decisions.

SimbiQ, a Boston-based health tech startup, announces the launch of its flagship Care.Connected.™ platform. Care.Connected.™ is an employee and member-centric solution that allows employers, health plans and third-party administrators to drive down annual employee and member-related healthcare costs, while improving employee and member wellbeing.

Powered by data from over 150 trusted data sources and over 2.4 billion healthcare services, SimbiQ’s Care.Connected.™ platform is based on proprietary algorithms that evaluate clinical, quality, cost and socio-economic factors. Combined with best-in-class engagement strategies, SimbiQ’s data-driven algorithms educate and guide employees and members to optimal care options and programs when the messaging is most impactful – at their time of need.

“In recent years employers and payors have broadened investment in non-traditional health care benefits and covered services via alternative treatment sites like retail clinics and telehealth. However, in this new era of choice, consumers can become overwhelmed and many high-value, low-cost benefits go underutilized,” said Cassandra Frederickson, Founder and CEO of SimbiQ. “Our Care.Connected.™ platform was designed to provide a personalized and localized consumer experience to drive employee and member adoption. By focusing on the individual, we are able to provide contextually relevant data aligned with organizational benefit portfolio objectives to achieve the clinical and financial outcomes all expect.”

SimbiQ’s platform integrates seamlessly with existing member and employee portals and is designed to leverage industry standards for securely exchanging healthcare information electronically. Through configuration, not customization, SimbiQ capabilities can be rolled out quickly, without the need to replace customers’ existing technology investments. The SimbiQ Care.Connected.™ solution includes:

CareMatch: Steer employees and members to high quality, low-cost providers that best meet their unique needs. Business rules are configurable by customer to align with provider network design and benefit portfolio objectives.

CareManager: Equip employees and members with self-service tools and streamline collaboration within their care circle. Through pro-active visit prep, secure messaging and reward & incentive programs, reduce wasteful spend and lost productivity time.

CareMetriQs: Analyze and report on utilization and performance trends to inform benefit and network design.

“Backed by our industry-leading technology stack, depth of experience working with the inherently complex and disparate data involved in healthcare and appreciation for how socio-economic factors influence care equity, we have been able to develop a highly secure care navigation and management platform that is unlike any in the market today,” Cassandra continues. “Our top priority is improving health care equity. In doing so, we are excited about the resulting meaningful and measurable outcomes for our customers and communities. Empowering patients and caregivers reduces wasteful spend and downtime, and improves clinical and financial outcomes for all those involved in patient care.”

About SimbiQ

SimbiQ is a rapidly growing healthcare technology company proudly headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the nation’s top health innovation hub. The SimbiQ Care.Connected™ platform allows employers, health plans and third-party administrators to provide personalized and localized care steerage to employees and members, without compromising their privacy. Results include better employee and member wellbeing, reduced downtime, and significant savings in annual per-employee and per-member healthcare costs.

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